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Managing your Web Links

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Your Web Links page can be managed by accessing the Web Links section of the website administration section via the Control Panel or by choosing Web Links in the Administrator Menu.

(If you're looking for information on how to add links on other pages of your website, see Making Links.)

There are two parts to the Web Links administration. There is a list of the links themselves, and a list of the link Categories they are sorted in to on your Web Links page. When you first enter the administration, you'll see the list of links. To access the Categories click on the Categories Tab at the top right above the list.

To search for a particular web link, type part of it's title into the filter box and click the Go button. You can also choose a Category from the --Select Category-- drop down box to display only links in that category.

To add a new link, click the New button in the toolbar. To edit an existing link, click on it's title in the list. For more information see Adding and Editing Web Links.

Deleting Web Links

To delete one or more Web Links, tick the tick box next to their names in the list, and click the Delete button in the toolbar.

If you'd rather remove the Web Link from your website, but still be able to access it in the Web Links Administration, tick it's tick box and click the Unpublish button in the toolbar.


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