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Making Links

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When Editing Text, you can create links to other pages of your website, or to external websites. Please note that you will not be able to test out your links in the editing window, first save your changes. The link will appear on the website page you are editing, you can test it out there.

Creating a Linked word or phrase

Select (highlight) the word or phrase that you want to become a live link, and click on the chain icon in the set of buttons above where you are typing.

The following small window will pop up to allow you to create your link:

Creating a Linked image

You can also make an image or photo into a link. Just click on the image and follow the instructions above.

Editing a Link

To edit a link that already exists, click somewhere on the link text to place your cursor there (you don't need to select all the linked text). Then click the chain icon, you will now be able to amend the destination of the link. To edit the linked text itself, just go ahead and change the text as required, the link will remain active.

Removing a Link

Click on the linked text, and click the broken chain icon:

[broken chain]

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