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Manging Email Newsletter Users

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Whilst Managing your Email Newsletter, click on the Users tab at the top right of the page to view a list of your Users.

Here you will find a list of all of the ‘users’ (ie. subscribers) in the mailing list system. The list also contains all of the registered users on the website (eg. administrators and account holders), even if they are not subscribed to any email newsletter list.

If you want to quickly find a particlular user in the list, you can type in part of their email address in the box at the top of the ‘email’ column and press return on your keyboard.

Only users who are website account holders will have a “name” and “username” in the list. If you want to delete a user(s) completely from the system, you can tick next to them in the list,
and click the ‘delete’ button in the toolbar. You could alternatively leave their email address on the system but use the ‘unsubscribe from all’ button to remove them from all mailing lists.

If you want to add (or remove) multiple users to (or from) a mailing list you can tick their boxes, select the relevant newsletter from the “Flex” dropdown box and click the “Flex +” or “Flex -” buttons in the toolbar. This will either subcribe (+) or unsubscribe (-) the users you have ticked from the newsletter you have selected.

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