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Linking to Publications from other parts of your website

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You can quickly create direct download links on other pages of your website, so people can directly download relevant publications or documents without having to first browse to the Publications section of your website.

(if you don't have a Publications section, you can still add a download link - see Making Links)

For example you may want to announce in a News story that you have a new download available, and include the direct download link there.

Adding a direct download link

First upload the publication to the publications section.

Now when you are Editing Text on the page where you want to add the direct download link, place your cursor where you want to insert the link, and click on the "Doclink" button which appears below the text editing window to the right:


The following window will pop up:

[doclink window]

1. Browse through the category folders to find the required publication.

2. Click on the title of the publication.

3. The title of the publication will appear in the "caption" box. If you want you can change this text (the link text) from the name of the file to something else.

4. Tick the Insert filetype icon box

5. Tick the Insert file size box.

6. Click OK.

Your Direct Download link will now have appeared within your text, and will look something like this:

[doclink example link]

Removing a direct download link

Highlight the link and delete it using the delete key on your keyboard.

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