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The Order Process

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Order Notification

When somebody makes an order on your website, they will receive an invoice by email containing all the details of their order. You the administrator will also receive a copy of the email, to notify you straight away that the order has been placed.

Customer Accounts

When people order an item on your website, they are given a choice as to whether to create an account on your website, or checkout as a guest. Either way they are sent a link by email which enables them to check the progress of their order on your website.

Viewing Orders

You can access all the orders which have been placed by choosing Shop > Orders from the Administrator Menu.

[orders list]

Click on the date of the order to view the Order details:

[order details]

When an Order is first placed, it is given a status of "Payment Received". You should check this before dispatching an item.

(If an Order is showing as "Pre-Payment" Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will look into why this is.)

Order States

Unless we have agreed otherwise with you, you can assign orders with the following states:

  • Payment Received
  • Order Processed
  • Order Despatched
  • Canceled
  • Failed
  • Refunded
  • Pre-Payment

As the customers order progresses, you should change the order state so that the customer knows what is happening.

You can choose a New State from the drop down box. If you then set 'Notify Customer about Change in Status by email' to 'yes', and click the Update Order button, the customer will receive an email letting them know that their order has been processed, dispatched or whatever. If you need to add other notes to that email, you can do that in the Comments to include in customer notification email box.

Customers will also see the state of their order when they login to view their order on the website.

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