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Basic Website Package

Basic Website Package £599

+ £100 / year wind powered hosting and support

Our basic website package includes a website, email addresses and visitor statistics and is all you'll need to get your organisation or company online. You'll have the ability to add more pages and edit the content once it's up and running. You can see examples of Aye-aye Design websites in our portfolio.

We also offer a number of Optional Extras, which can be built into your website, or added to your existing Aye-aye Design website as the needs arise.

Basic website pages and sections:

Information Pages


The Basic Website Package includes a flexible number of pages of information about your organisation or company. We can set up both static pages which you can edit (eg. "About Us" page) and sections containing multiple pages which you can edit, delete, or add new pages too (eg. a "Services" section). We can help to organise text and images that you provide to present yourself in the best way online, and make your website really easy to navigate.

News Section

PagesWe've found this a popular feature, so have included it in our basic website package. It allows you to easily communicate anything you want to your website visitors, even if you don't have a specific website section for the topic. For example you could write a news story about an event you are organising, an award you've won, a new service you're offering etc. etc.

Your most recent news stories can appear as links on every pages of your website, so they aren't missed by visitors.


Web Links page

Web LinksYou can use this page to link to other websites, related organisations etc, and to point your visitors in the direction of other useful resources on the internet.


Other features included:

Email Addresses


You can have an unlimited number of email addresses to go with your website domain name (eg. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Emails are accessible both through your email programme (eg. Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mac mail) and via Webmail through you browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer etc), so you can access your emails wherever you are.


website editing system


You'll be able to login to edit and control your website with our easy to use website administration system. It's really easy to edit and add text, images and links to your websites without any knowledge of HTML or Joomla! (you don't even need to know what they are!).

To get an idea of what it's like to edit an Aye-aye Design website, have a flick through The Basics section of our knowledge-base.

Visitor Statistics


You can see who's been looking at your website, what they're looking for and how they got there with our free user-friendly Website Statistics system, based on Piwik open source web analytics.

Help and Support

The Basics

We provide an illustrated Quick Start Guide specific to your website to set you off, and we also have a comprehensive online knowledge-base in our support pages.

> We can be contacted at any time in any of the traditional ways, have a look at our Contact Us page.


Web Standards Complient


Email: info@ayeayedesign.co.uk   |   Tel: (01970) 832220