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Eco friendly short run printing

We're now offering a new short run eco printing service to our customers!

If you need printed matter such as leaflets, business cards, posters or anything else to promote your company or organisation, we can design it and print it for you on 100% post consumer waste paper with soy ink with our environmentally friendly Ricoh Gel ink printer.

Short print runs

  • Short print runs are ideal for community groups small organisations on a tight budget.
  • Order any amount you like- from 10 to 200 copies.
  • No boxes full of 1000's leaflets or letterheads sitting in a cupboard unused.
  • When you run out, order some more.

100% recycled paper

  • We only use 100% Post consumer waste recycled paper, the most environmentally friendly of papers.
  • We can source a whole range of colours and textures of paper, as well as the standard bright white, with or without flecks!

Soy based gel ink

  • We use a gel ink which is more environmentally friendly than traditional ink as it is made from Soybean oil rather than petroleum.
  • The gel ink is waterproof, so printed documents are water resistant and can be used in damp and wet environments.
  • Our printed documents are resistant to sunlight and can be exposed to UV rays with no time related degradation in print quality

Printed with an environmentally compliant machine

  • No environmentally sensitive materials (Lead, Chromium, PVC or Cadmium) have been used in manufacture or our Ricoh printer.
  • It has full environmental compliance with Energy Star, Blue Angel, ISO Quality, ISO Environmental, ISO Plastic, WEEE and RoHS.
  • It has low power consumption, which reduces CO2 emissions (and of course we turn it off when we're not using it!)






Need more copies?

recommended eco printers
If you need more than a short run print service, we can arrange this for you with our favourite eco freindly print company alocalprinter.com.

Graphic Design

We also do graphic design!

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